Monday, February 5, 2018

Linkfest - Working Woman Edition

The Baby, The Book and the Bathwater - on how crazy-making baby and parenting books are. And on the importance of keeping yourself when you become a mom. The desire to create and contribute doesn't disappear when men become fathers; why do we assume it does when women become mothers?

Share Your Job, Shatter the Glass Ceiling - I am finding more and more companies are open to less-than-full-time positions, but I haven't come across a job sharing situation yet. I'd like to explore that for some of my team, as it might alleviate all the "problems" we experience with having some part-time employees. (I say "problems" because they aren't problematic enough to avoid helping people achieve the work-life balance that keeps their talents where I can use them, but they do create some inconveniences, and my biggest fear - that people are working more hours than they want for less pay, simply because the work will never be done.)

Rather than thinking about how much revenue you need to cover your costs, think about how few costs you need to survive as long as you want. While this advice from the Basecamp team is ostensibly about building a business of slow, steady, sustainable growth, it also works as a great analogy for living within a budget and planning for retirement. While merely "surviving" doesn't sound like a lot of fun necessarily, it certainly takes a lot of pressure off in terms of aiming for exponential growth/gains, and helps focus on cost-cutting and meaningful.

The deck is unfairly stacked against women when it comes to retirement savings. We are paid less for the same work, are more likely to be in professions which pay less overall, are more likely to take time off work, are less likely to contribute to retirement savings in the first place - oh, and we live longer. If I could impart one thing to each of my 20-something coworkers is that there is pretty much no sacrifice too large for them right now to get a solid retirement savings plan in place.

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