Friday, February 16, 2018


Breadwinning moms are increasingly the norm. Not to be confused with gender parity in the workforce, but it certainly speaks to the need for workplaces to have family-friendly policies around flextime, part-time white collar work, and other accommodations that recognize the fact that this is not the 1950s anymore.

Share your job, shatter the glass ceiling. I think this is an absolutely awesome idea. I have had direct reports in all sorts of situations (part time, contract, .8) to allow them to construct a life that they want. No one has approached me with a job share situation, but I think it would probably address every single one of the drawbacks I see as a manager in the current part-time set-ups. I'd love to propose something like this for future reports. (I am not interested in it for myself so much, because I have a stay-at-home-spouse so I don't feel the pinch of parenting as much as couples where both parents work.)


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