Friday, July 27, 2018

Five Frugal Things

1. I got a random (but very strong) urge to declutter, and ended up clearing out three bags of things we don't use from the kitchen as well as a full bag of stuff from my closet. The only thing I never seem to declutter are my books...but to me they aren't clutter! I really will get around to reading all o them someday; I believe it!

2. I joined a gym. Peanut has been going to a climbing gym for most of a year, and I finally joined as well. I don't climb, but they have good fitness classes included in the price. The more classes I go to in a month, the cheaper they are per class! I started going once a week, then twice, now I'm up to three times a week, about $3 per class. I'd like to go four times a week but I'm coming up against schedule conflicts. Working out at home is free, but only if you do it. Classes motivate me better than anything else. I'm focusing on strength training for the first time in my life, and it's HARD. I do not enjoy the classes, but I enjoy the way I feel afterwards.

3. I tried intermittent fasting and discovered that I like it! I don't eat from 8 p.m. until noon the next day, and it's great. I am not hungry in the mornings and no longer have a mid-morning slump. It's also made me much more aware of what I'm eating when I am eating, and I've cut out a lot of sugar. The biggest downside is that I like breakfast foods and we don't have breakfast for dinner very often.

4. I got a credit card from an airline in order to get enough points for two domestic round-trip tickets. We'll have enough points on our other card to cover hotel and other stuff, so Peanut and I will get to take another vacation together soon. I don't have any big financing considerations coming up, so when we are done, I'll close the card and take the hit to my credit score with no problem.

5. I got a bunch of new workout clothes to go with my new gym hobby. Four complete spandex outfits set me back....$20, because I went to the thrift store instead of shopping for brand new stuff.

What are your recent frugal wins?

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